Broken Beaker Distillery, is currently located in Downtown Indianapolis.  The business was formed in early 2010 with the idea of operating as a rectification facility.  We have completely changed our business model from its initial conception to include a tasting room that will allow us to fine-tune the products to suit the public’s palate.We believe in creating a high-quality beverage, humor and science.  Broken Beaker Distillery encompasses these ideals in a nice, neat package. Each type of product we produce (brandy, liqueur, etc.) has a name corresponding to a particular field of science such as chemistry or physics. On the backs of bottles, coasters, and other fun items you will find obscure and often humorous scientific facts relating to those fields.

At Broken Beaker Distillery, we want to experiment with flavors and infusions to create what the public wants. Each product we produce combines humor and science with the opportunity for the public to test the experiments. With its urban location, the experience becomes a part of your night out as you go enjoy Indianapolis’ nightlife – plus you might just  learn a little something about science and mathematics with all of the fun facts we’ll be  featuring around the distillery.