Step through the door and be transported into our world of molecules, isotopes, infusions, and most importantly tastebuds. Here, guests can enjoy science and spirits fusing together to create delicious cocktails that’ll transform what you thought was possible for a beverage. Our mixologists are artisans at the craft of testing great new flavors that are developed into the best concoctions.

Join us for a unique experience where you can appreciate and relish in combining the worlds of alcohol and science. You might just even learn a little something while you’re here. You can find us Downtown Indianapolis on Mass Ave. Come in and experiment today.  


Our Expirements


Vodka is the first product created by Broken Beaker Distillery. We experiment here with different infusions to easily offer new flavors. As in mathematics, it’s all about logic of shape, quantity and arrangement, our vodkas are created to make sense. If you think it, we can make the right equation that can create it!


Broken Beaker Distillery has created three liqueurs a rhubarb, a ginger, and a cranberry. Just as chemistry allows for experimentation so do our liqueurs. We are excited to share with you our experiments as we develop new flavors and allow you to tell us which you like best!


When everyone else wants to deny you spirits on Sunday, we're giving them to you for half price! Stop in on Sunday and take a bottle of our Pendulum Vodka, Hypotenuse Gin, or Isotope Ginger Liqueur to-go for half the price! Nobody should spend Sunday without a delicious cocktail made from Broken Beaker's finest.

Want a delicious bite to eat as well? Call ahead and we'll have any of our delicious menu items and your bottle waiting for you when you arrive!